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Current Projects and Priorities

At Clear Creek Event Center, we strive to provide amazing experiences for our collective community. Below, you will find a list of projects that you may consider contributing to. Your donation will directly serve the specific projects that you designate on the donation form. Thank you for your continual support.

Sound System
est. cost - $20,000

An exceptional opportunity was presented to us. A professional quality sound system with capabilities for large outdoor event venues came up for sale. The seller graciously donated half the value of the sound system. (A half price deal) We are currently raising the funds to make the purchase. Approximately $15,000. Our project is to acquire the sound system. Please consider donating to the sound system project. 

Infrastructure Project
est. cost - $25,000

We are preparing to accomadate large scale events which requires appropriate electric and water supplies. The new electric installation will cost $18,000, and the water supply will run an estimated $7,000. Total for the infrastructure projects is $25,000.  These projects are not highly visible but they are essential to the central function of the event center. Please consider donating to the infrastructure project. 

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