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Mission & Vision Statement

Our Mission – Create an environment where individuals can encounter the love and grace of God and be transformed by His power. We seek to facilitate this transformation through hosting a diverse range of Christian events, including conferences, concerts, retreats, worship services and more.  

Our Vision – In the short term, we commit to establishing Clear Creek as a foremost event venue, delivering exceptional service and cultivating a spiritually uplifting environment. In the long term, our goal is to stimulate growth through infrastructure development and strategic alliances with local nonprofits, churches, and businesses. We aspire to extend our reach, attracting national organizations and individuals, thereby amplifying our impact and advancing the Kingdom of God.


Meet the Visionaries: Doyle and Jennette Yoder

Doyle and Jennette Yoder, the dynamic force behind Clear Creek Ministries, embody a profound calling – to share the boundless hope of Christ with the world. For them, it’s not just about an event or a gathering; it’s about creating a conduit that connects people with the transformative love of Jesus. Their hearts beat for something greater, for expanding the Kingdom of God, and for reflecting the very essence of the Father’s business – bringing His light to a world in need. 

A Place for Divine Encounters… 
Their journey began long before the inception of Clear Creek Ministries. Rooted on their family farm, Doyle and Jennette understood the essence of harvest – the labor, the dedication, and the joy of reaping what was sown. Yet, amidst the cornfields and pastures, they recognized a higher calling – to prepare for the ultimate harvest of souls. The urgency of embracing the last days’ harvest became their primary focus, echoing the heartbeat of the Father.

The ”YES” that Transformed Everything… 
With each passing year, the Yoders felt an undeniable nudge from above, a reminder that their property was more than just farmland; it was a canvas for a heavenly masterpiece. God was inviting them to give back, to say "YES" to His call. From the depths of their hearts, Doyle and Jenette sowed not only their finances but also donated 42 acres of their cherished farmland. Clear Creek Ministries emerged, birthed from a devotion to the imminent harvest of souls.

Faith, Family and a Guiding Scripture… 
For over 45 years, Doyle and Jennette have walked hand in hand, sharing a journey of faith and commitment. With four children and eight grandchildren, their family is a testament to the values that drive them. Their life scripture, Psalm 1:3, has guided their steps, ensuring that they flourish like trees planted by rivers of water, bearing fruit in its season, with leaves that never wither – and in everything they do, they prosper. 

In Doyle and Jennette, the founders of Clear Creek Ministries, we find not just leaders, but dreamers who embraced a divine call. Their “YES” resounds in every corner of the ministry, where encounters with God are crafted, souls are ignited, and the heartbeat of the Father reverberates.

Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Doyle Yoder, Board Chair

  • Mark Lopez, Board Member

  • Donald Miller, Board Member

  • Noel Floyd, Board Member

  • Calvin Collins, Board Member

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